Routing Switcher


The compact 1U half-size routing switcher boosts exceptional cost performance.

4 multi-bit rate inputs and outputs. Supports 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI and DVB-ASI signals.


Multi-bit rate inputs and outputs

12G*/6G*/3G/HD/SD-SDI bit rates and DVB-ASI signals are supported by each input and output. Auto input detection eliminates the need to know the supplied signal rates.
*Only ERS-44-12G supports 12G/6G-SDI.

Auto cable equalization and SDI reclocking

Auto determination of source signals

Routing setting

Set up routing on the front panel or remotely via serial commands (RS-232C or LAN) or SNMP (LAN).

Router monitoring

  • Router monitoring with SNMP or serial commands

  • GPIO control

SNMP trap output

Monitoring and detection of power, I/O carriers, reference input, and switching of output or blanking formats and reporting to up to four IP addresses

Communication interface

Communication interface can be configured via telnet (RS-232C, LAN, SNMP).

Redundant power supply

Redundant power supply prevents failure of one power supply from affecting operation.

EIA 1U half size unit

RoHS support