12G-SDI/IP Multi-Channel Video Server

MBP-1000VS Series

4K XAVC™ and MPEG-2 codecs are available. Whether your video server will be used for ingest, playout, or other applications, the series has a model perfect for your needs. Enjoy the reliability of XAVC™ and MPEG-2 hardware codecs.*1 Add LTO for simultaneous backup*2 during 4K recording or extended recording.*3

  • 1 Switches between recording and playback. *2 One channel only. *3 Up to 18.7 hours of continuous recording to LTO-7 (XAVC Class 300).


  • Support formats: 2160/59.94p*4 or 1080/59.94i

  • Redundant power supply as standard

  • Full range of playout and ingest system applications. Bridges baseband output from cameras with File-based broadcast workflows.

  • Can display time codes or credits on a monitor in sync with the main playout line

  • Control interfaces: Add an optional serial port or GPI port

  • 4 4K models only


  • Quad-channel 4K XAVC codec support. Standard configuration provides two channels for recording and two for playback. Can be cofigured with up to four channels for recording and four for playback.

  • Choose from 12G-SDI or 3G-SDI I/O (maximum two inputs and two outputs via Quad Link 3G-SDI).


Video server product line

MBP-1000VS-P Series

  • MPEG2 (HD) and MPEG2 (HD422) models

  • Choose 4, 6, or 8 channels

  • Choose from four SSD capacities: 1.2 TB, 2.4 TB, 4.8 TB, or 9.6 TB

  • MPEG2 hardware codec support

  • MXF recording and playback: 10-bit MPEG-2 4:2:0 material at 25/35 Mbps or 4:2:2 material at 50 Mbps

MBP-1000VS-G Series

  • Based on the P series, with added graphics playout

  • Choose 4, 6, or 8 channels

  • Choose from four SSD capacities: 1.2 TB, 2.4 TB, 4.8 TB, or 9.6 TB

  • 2-channel title playout supported. For each hardware codec channel, provides an SDI port for program and monitor output.

MBP-1000VS-12G Series

  • 4K-compatible models with 12G-SDI interfaces

  • Quad-channel HD or 4K input and output

  • Choose from four SSD capacities: 4.8 TB, 9.6 TB, or 15 TB

  • Quad-channel XAVC codec support

  • Can switch between 12G-SDI and Quad Link 3G-SDI