Multi Channel Video Server

Insight [ODYSSEY]

ODYSSEY’s Insight Production Server is a versatile four channel playout system designed for studio and OBVan environments.
Having wide range of supported wrappers and codecs makes Insight an excellent tool for media contribution and general video playout tasks. The system supports up to four SD, HD or optionally all of them configured as a single 4K channel, and channels can be teamed for video + alpha output.
Insight has a full web interface that allows users to control the server from any device. Security and integration are key aspects on system design. User, groups and security attributes brings confidence to media manipulation, but a relaxed security mode is also available for a simplified operation on trusted environments. Different interface facets allow appropriate information to be exposed to different user roles. System video is streamed to web client instances to show actual content, allowing users to visualize and control Insight from a single computer screen.
Studios and production environments usually have complex interactions between an assorted set of devices, which are coordinated either through human interaction or proprietary links. Insight's flexible event processor allows to connect multiple devices and interact with video switchers, routing switchers, CG generators, GPIO connected devices and other studio equipment to orchestrate event triggering for a seamless production.
Insight Production Server is a tool conceived for evolving infrastructure that requires flexible file support, ease of use and event synchronization.


  • 1 RU profile

  • 4 channel SDI

  • Reconfigurable Input / Output connectors

  • Redundant power supply


  • Standard configuration: 4 x 2TB drives in RAID-10 configuration

  • Approximately 150 hours of HD content at 50 Mbps

  • SSD configuration: 4 x 500GB drives in RAID-10 configuration

  • Approx. 40 hours of HD content at 50 Mbps

Focused on production environments

  • Large storage to fit both studio and OBVan space requirements

  • Strong switcher integration

  • Easy and concrete tools for studio requirements

Supported resolutions

4 x HD 1.5/3G channels

  • HD 720P (23.98/24/25/29.97/30)

  • HD 1080i (23.98/24/25/29.97/30)

  • HD 1080p (23.98/24/25/29.97/30)

4 x SD channels

  • NTSC

  • PAL

1 x 4K channel

  • Quad HD 1080p (23.98/24/25/29.97/30)

Video + Key output

  • Play - Play video + key - Record

  • Play Video+Key (Requires 2 outputs per channel)

Supported media formats

  • Wrappers: MXF | MOV | AVI | MP4

  • Codecs: MPEG-2 | H.264 | XDCAM | IMX | AVC-Intra | DNxHD

  • Media acquisition: Shared SMB folder ingest | FTP transfer

User interface

  • 100% Web interface

  • No client software needed

  • Operated from any device

  • No User Interface fits all needs

  • Role oriented User Interface sets

Playlist controls

  • Play clip

  • Play selection of clips

  • Play entire playlist

  • Loop control

Video Preview

  • Streamed MP4

  • Scalable

  • Accelerated decompression

  • Running reference on any device

Device integration

  • FOR-A HANABI Switchers


  • VDCP