Multi Viewer


Compact (1U) multi viewer for monitoring,
featuring up to 16 inputs and 6 outputs.
Build a versatile, flexible 4K (UHD) editing environment.


Three models available

MV-1200*1: DMI 4 inputs/1 output (standard). Up to 16 inputs/6-monitor outputs (SDI/HDMI mixed, optional*2)t
MV-1210*1: SDI 4 inputs/1 output (standard). Up to 16 inputs/6-monitor outputs (SDI/HDMI mixed, optional*2)
MV-1220: SDI 8 inputs/2 outputs + HDMI 1 output (standard). Up to 16 inputs/7-monitor outputs (optional*2)
*1 Use of MV-12EXP option allows both SDI/HDMI input and output. Use of MV-12EXP option allows both SDI/HDMI input and output.
*2 Combine up to 2 optional input cards; MV-12SDI (3G/HD/SD-SDI, Composite x 4); MV-12PCI (DVI/HDMI x 4); or the MV-12IF interface card (GPIO, serial control; LTC input, genlock input), as needed.

Versatile Mixed-Source Environment

Supports mixed signals including: 3G-SDI (Level-A/B), HD-SDI, SD-SDI, Composite, HDMI, or DVI sources. Asynchronous input is also supported. The multi viewer accepts an array of formats and frame rates including NTSC, PAL, 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, and 30/29.97/25/24/23.98p or PsF. (No frame rate conversion)

A variety of optional cards to expand your network connectivity

3G-SDI inputs support 4K (UHD) source input

Layout Manager enables easy layout of 4K video in a seamless display

HDMI 2.0b output, using MV-12PCO

4K UHD output via one HDMI cable (3840 x 2160、YUV 4:2:0)

HD to 4K up-resizing, using MV-12PCO and MV-12SDO

Logo display in title areas

Import a bitmap from the logo registration screen, or generate and register a logo using a web browser.

Layout Manager

Customize layouts, using the software in Windows to adjust image size, position, title display, and other settings. Up to 16 preset patterns each for 4K/2K modes can be stored. Recall saved layouts directly from the front panel control.

Other Features

  • Video can be streamed from the multi viewer over Ethernet.

  • Capture specied frames of streamed video.

  • Audio Level Display for up to 16 channels

  • Audio Monitoring Output

  • Flashing borders or error icons/messages to identify screens with errors

  • Tally, Title, and Timecode

  • Time of day, Timer, and Information Display

  • View error logs or user text in the Information Display.

  • Logo/Background

  • Input Lock enables genlock without using reference signals.

  • Can display time based on a 30-hour clock.

  • Register up to 24 schedule timers per day for 1 week.

  • Cropping

  • Detects frozen frames. (Y/C and Y only)

AUX Remote Control Panel

Up to 6 control panels can be connected simultaneously.

  • HVS-AUX16A

    16 buttons, 1 RU

  • HVS-AUX16B

    16 buttons, tabletop model

  • HVS-AUX32A

    32 buttons, 1 RU

  • HVS-AUX64A

    64 buttons, 2 RU