Changeover Switcher


Modular SDI changeover switcher for USF-105AS or USF-212AS/212BS frames. Monitors status of two SDI inputs and seamlessly switches to the normal line if errors are detected.


  • Supports multi-bit rate 3G(Level A/B) and HD/SD-SDI signals

  • Auto, semi-auto, and manual switching

  • Detects CRC errors, sync loss, image freezing, black video, audio muting, and other errors

  • Corrects delay between inputs
    - Auto correction using image comparison, LTC, or VITC
    - Manual correction setting range: 1–21 frames

  • Frame synchronization
    - Delay correction and seamless switching even between asynchronous input
    - Output signal locking

  • Signal bypass output
    - Passthrough makes signal output available when offline

  • Configure settings and monitor input signal via built-in web server

Examples of Downsizing in Duplex Transmission