Integrated Control Software


Complete system control from a single screen

Software for centralized visual control of video switchers and other peripherals. Customize buttons and the screen layout for a bird’s-eye view of workflows and convenient system control.


Example of customized screen layout

Customizable screen layouts and buttons

Customize button functions using JavaScript, and edit actions triggered by changes in status of connected device.

External video capture, on-screen monitoring

Capture and view external video using DirectShow Video Capture Filter-compatible devices installed in or connected to the computer.

Controllable peripherals and actions

Video switcher*

Compatible models: HVS-100/110HVS-2000

  • Switch a variety of crosspoints

  • Transitions

  • Activate events and macros

  • Multi-viewer output settings

  • Required HVS-100ED or HVS-2000ED option

Routing switcher

Compatible models: MFR series

  • Switch crosspoints

  • Switch preset crosspoints

  • Receive signal names

Clip server

Compatible models:MFR series, and AMP-compatible servers

  • Acquire clip ID lists

  • View thumbnails

  • Cue

  • Play, record


Compatible models: MV-42001620HSA

  • Load preset layouts

  • Control timers


Compatible models: Recorders compatible with Sony 9-Pin Protocol (BVW)

  • Cue

  • Play, record

Character generator

Compatible models: VTW-350HS, Compix, GenCG

  • Load preset layouts

  • Control timers

Recommended system requirements

OSWindows7 or Windows8
Memory4 GB or more
CPUIntel® 4th generation Core™ i5 or higher* (depending on the number of video windows)
GPUIntel® HD Graphics 5000 or faster* (DirectX 11 support)
USB port1 port or more
Video capture devices*Compatible with DirectShow Video Capture Filter
Network port100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T, 1 port or more
  • When monitoring video