P Changeover Switch


Clean Switching Over IP
Increasing IP circuit reliability

Standalone ASI/TS over IP changeover in a 1U enclosure. Monitors TS-level IP signals in redundant input and instantly switches ports if errors occur, enabling seamless output without disruptions. IP-based changeover for monitoring redundant TSoIP signals from multicast TS-level encoder transmissions and seamlessly switching ports if errors occur. To prevent transmission path error, this changeover further increases the reliability of duplex transmission.


Seamless switching between outputs of the same encoder

When installed at the far end of a network link, the IPS-6200 seamlessly switches between redundant encoder TSoIP input used in multicast transmissions or the like. This supports completely seamless switching without video or audio disruption.

Auto and manual switching

When a signal error occurs, the IPS-6200 automatically switches to the other line. Manual switching and auto/manual assignment of each line are also possible. For example, the following assignment can be selected: Automatic switching  the current line to the reserve line, and manual switching  the reserve line to the current line.

Delay adjustment function

The delay difference between different lines is absorbed quickly and both phase inputs are automatically aligned to achieve seamless switching that does not disrupt the output. The delay adjustment range is up to 10 seconds.

TS-level monitoring

TS-level error monitoring, already proven reliable in switching, is used for IP signals. Error monitoring goes beyond TR 101 290 guidelines to check for packet loss, null-only, and other critical errors affecting signal quality. Error detection can also be enabled or disabled based on the type of signal. Set the PID error detection threshold as desired, in 1 ms increments. Up to sets of multi-program signals are supported.

GUI-based remote control and monitoring

Ethernet interfaces enable a wide range of remote monitoring and control to suit many usage scenarios. The dedicated GUI can be used to make settings and graphically display error monitoring contents via Ethernet. An event log viewer, automatic CSV file generation, and other functions are also provided to facilitate signal management requiring historical condition data. SNMP-based control, configuration, and monitoring is also supported.

ASI and IP input both supported

Choose ASI or IP for each signal supplied. Enables mixed input, using IN 1 on the IP side and IN 2 on the ASI side, for example. Ideal for redundant ASI/satellite operation.